Guaranteed Networks® Total Care: 

100% Outsourced IT

Predictable Results.        Unparalleled Security.

      Fixed Costs.                     Zero Surprises.

Why do companies outsource their IT support? According to industry surveys, the answers fall into five broad categories.

  • Flexibility and Scalability. In many organizations, business growth, mergers, acquisitions, staffing fluctuations, and even seasonal trends create IT demands that shift over time. Growing your own department often means resource demands outpace the ability of the staff to keep up. Guaranteed Networks® Total Care enables your IT “department” to grow as you do. Need more resources? You get them, on-demand.


  • Expertise. The days when a strong network generalist could know everything you needed him or her to know are long past. It’s extremely difficult for a modest-sized support team to stay on top of everything they need to know in order to deliver reliable, predictable, and secure IT experiences for your end users. Guaranteed Networks® Total Care clients benefit from having subject matter experts at their disposal whenever they need one. From security to disaster recovery, Windows architecture to iOS, storage to virtualization, Exchange to SQL . . .  SLPowers has experienced engineers on staff to assist.


  • Staff Resources.  If you’ve ever wished you could clone your IT guy, you already sense what it would mean to have all the resources you need at your disposal. Our Network Operations Center has full-time engineers who monitor your network and respond before most problems can affect performance. Our Global Support Desk is made up of experienced engineers who respond to your users’ trouble tickets quickly and professionally. Our Guaranteed Networks® field engineers are at your site on a regular basis and as you need them. And they all work together to make your users safer and more productive.


  • Cost Savings.  Growing your own IT department costs a lot of money. Salaries keep rising, staff overhead keeps going up, turnover remains a problem, the 24/7 business environment leads to staff burnout, and backfill challenges even large departments.  Keeping that department at the top of their game costs even more. Are you prepared to invest in remote access and diagnostic technologies that extend their reach? And how much do you spend on training every year? Lagging in any one area can create a security risk. Guaranteed Networks® Total Care customers transfer the financial burden of maintaining a top-flight IT department to us, and find their performance improving, their user experience getting better, and their costs coming down—all at the same time.


  • Security. At SLPowers, we bake security into everything we do. And we put Guaranteed Networks®–Secure at the heart of our 100% outsourced solution. That means Advanced Firewall Management. It means security analysts reviewing network logs in near real-time. It means periodic vulnerability scans and penetration tests. It means full documentation for audit and compliance purposes. 

Guaranteed Networks® was Florida’s first managed IT services solution. Contact us today and find out what makes us Florida’s best managed IT services solution.