Business Intelligence/Analytics

Business Intelligence is NOT an oxymoron.

Business intelligence, or BI, is the process of harnessing a company’s raw data to improve decision making, cut costs, shore up inefficiencies, and identify new opportunities. 

It encompasses a number of closely related activities, from data mining to analytical processing, querying, and reporting. Breakdowns in any one area can undermine the entire system, forcing executives to rely on their instincts instead of facts, or, worse, leave them making decisions based on incomplete or faulty information.

SLPowers has assembled a team of professionals who are adept within each stage of the Business Intelligence process. In fact, they can also go beyond these basic elements, to examine the nuts and bolts of how your company conducts business before tackling BI. That way they help make sure that your reports produce actionable intelligence that improves the work of your key stakeholders and departments.

Analyze This

Data mining is the process of sorting through huge data sets using sophisticated software to identify undiscovered patterns and uncover hidden relationships. By itself, it is virtually useless.

Data analytics is the science of examining those patterns and relationships with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information—conclusions that ideally can be rolled up into reports that inform decision making at the very top of the organization.

Analytics has business value only when the data scientists work closely with management professionals. SLPowers’ analytics team is made up of both. So our engineers can develop relational and dimensional databases that structure your data in logical and useful ways, while our BI professionals can help you set the right KPIs to match what you want to accomplish, and develop reports that guide sound decision making. 

Contact us today, and we’ll talk about how you can make your ever-growing data store work for you.