A New Kind of IT Staffing Company

SLPowers has been in the IT staffing business for many years, we just didn't realize it right away. Our clients have always come to us for help when hiring contract or permanent IT talent. It makes sense that you would seek out the help of respected IT or cybersecurity professionals to assist you when trying to recruit seasoned IT or cybersecurity talent.

This lead to the launch of IT WorkSource, a new kind of IT staffing company.

Drowning in Resumes, Choking on Keywords, and Still Can’t Fill the Position?

Choosing which IT staffing company to work with can be complicated - it's a noisy industry. The reason is that most recruiting firms employ inexperienced, non-technical people, who simply perform buzzword and acronym searches, all claiming to have better candidates than the next firm. 

Ask your recruiter and account manager one question: "What did you do before you were a recruiter?"
If the answer is "college", RUN as fast as you can.

Get ready to experience the IT WorkSource difference...

Tech People Finding Tech People

Our staffing professionals have IT backgrounds. They ran data centers, IT departments and/or project teams and have remained active in the industry and the tech community for decades. When we go looking for a candidate for you, we understand what you're looking for, we're not just searching for acronyms.

Fewer Resumes, Better Hires

  • We ask a lot of questions - of you, of the candidate, of your staff. We ask about skills beyond technologies - we're looking for an organizational fit, a cultural fit, one that also fits the candidates lifestyle. You don't want to be filing this position again in a short-term. These things are often more important than a candidate's ability to code (for example) - lots of people can code.
  • Your inbox will NOT become a dumping ground. If we don't find a good match for you within the first three candidates, then we may not understand your opening. Then it's time to stop and reassess. We carefully screen every candidate prior to submitting them to you.  We never want to waste your time with candidates who don't meet your needs. 
  • If we wouldn't hire them ourselves, we won't send them to you. Our recruiters have been IT hiring managers in the past. We believe there's a just right candidate for every position and a perfect position for almost every candidate. The art is in understanding that relationship, as well as telling a good resume writer from a true technology professional.


Direct Hire or Contract 

We have an extensive catalog of candidates in of CyberSecurity and Information Technologies.
A few of the areas we specialize in include:

  • Sr. Security Analysts
  • Security Program Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Open Source Architects
  • Software Test Engineers
  • Security Project Engineers
  • Compliance Officers
  • SQL Developers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Data Integration Architects
  • Security Architects
  • BI / Analytics Specialist
  • Front End U/I Engineers
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • IT Project Managers 


To experience the IT WorkSource difference,
please contact 
Beth Ryan at (561) 277-2383
 or BRyan@SLPowers.com