Post-Irma: How did your business fare through the storm?

With Hurricane Irma in the rearview, first responders are on the roads cleaning debris and restoring power.  Employees are taking down their shutters and slowly returning to work (either remotely or at those offices fortunate enough to suffer little impact from the storm). Business owners are surveying the damage. Everyone is trying to shift back into their normal activities and schedules. How smoothly that transition is depends largely on how prepared you were.

So, how’d you do? Did you suffer any downtime? If so, were you able to recover quickly once your systems were back up? Were you able to communicate with your employees, your clients, and vendors? Did your Disaster Recovery plan go off without a hitch?

Now is the ideal time to conduct a Disaster Recovery Post-Mortem Review and find out what worked, what didn’t, and how you can better prepare for the next incident.

Some important questions to ask during this review are:

  • How effective was the diagnosis and response time?
  • Did we engage the right people at the right time?
  • Did communication, vendor coordination and escalation work as planned?
  • How could the recovery process have been shortened?
  • Was there a process failure that contributed to a delay in recovery??

A post-mortem examination is designed to probe for factors that may have contributed to impact and downtime. This comprehensive review process should look at the full chronology of events that made up the incidence-response including management processes, cross-group communications, training, documentation and human error. Reviewing the recent events is a great way to identify weaknesses, make adjustments and improve your organization’s ability to respond to future events.

Contact SLPowers today and we’ll help you perform a network assessment or conduct a business process analysisso that you know your organization has a strong Disaster Recovery strategy and is ahead of the next emergency incident that comes your way.