Ransomware By The Numbers

Ransomware continues to wreak havoc on organizations of every size. Attack frequency is up, ransom demands are growing.  Every Bitcoin payment provides a new incentive for cyber criminals to improve their technology and methods of attack.

The payload contained in most phishing emails is now ransomware related. And Ransomware-as-a-Service means more would-be criminals can get in on the action.

That's right, ransomware kits are now being sold to less sophisticated hackers as a subscription service. For a modest set up fee, you, too, can become a cybercriminal. And thousands of new dishonest entrepreneurs have begun propagating their own flavors of ransomware, regardless of their technical knowledge. 

How has the threat of ransomware been evolving in the past few years? We've collected the following telling statistics to help getting a better sense of where we’ve been and where we are headed.

  • 30% of malware in Q4 2016 was zero-day.  That means these attacks exploited vulnerabilities in software unknown to even the software developer.
  • More than half of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack in the past 12 months.
  • The number of ransomware families (eg - Locky, Cerber, WannaCry) has tripled since last year, up to 101 from 30. 
  • The average ransom amount requested from an attacker is now $1,077.  That’s a 65% increase since 2014.

How prepared are you for the next ransomware attack?

SLPowers has developed an affordable, multi-tiered, multi-discipline approach to protecting our clients from ransomware attacks. It involves . . .

  • 24x7 monitoring of the entire network, not just its perimeter defenses.
  • Configuration and installation of a state-of-the-art firewall, with its industry-leading suite of advanced features fully activated and managed.
  • An approach to Wi-Fi security that protects against rogue access.
  • Our award winning Guaranteed Networks backup and disaster recovery solution, in which the rapid restoral of your network is tested every month.
  • Security awareness training and education, to shore up the weakest link in your security chain – your employees.

Give us a call, and we’ll customize a unique layered defense specifically for you.