The SLPowers Speakers Series

Whether we’re educating technology professionals on the latest trends in cybersecurity or translating industry jargon into plain English for executives and other non-technical audiences, the SLPowers Speakers Series represents a “Sales Free Zone.”


Our mission is to advance the understanding of how to effectively manage the security risks of a 24x7 connected world, so that businesses can better harness technology to improve the bottom line.


Each presentation runs 45 minutes, with added time for Q&A. Each was designed to be fast-moving, funny, and heavily interactive. We promise: no death by PowerPoint.



These are among our most popular presentations:

 Mythbusters:  The Information Security Edition – What everyone knows can be your biggest enemy.
 Tech for Execs – Five trends that are transforming business.
 Shutting Out the Experts – The biggest threat to your cybersecurity is the cybersecurity industry.
 It’s a Jungle In Here – Defending against the hacker you know.
 40 for 40 – Getting full-time work for full-time pay.
 Information Security is NOT an IT Problem – Believing it is can cost you.
 Didn’t See It Coming – A crisis is no time for improvisation.
 Think Being Compliant Makes You Secure? – Think again.
 All Thumbs – Social media and mobile technology in the workplace.
 Hacking Your People – Employees are the weakest link in the security of your network.


Our roster of speakers includes a PhD who teaches at the university level, a nationally renowned thought leader who won an Industry Contribution award from the largest certifying organization in the technology industry, and an active Subject Matter Expert on cybersecurity for the Department of Homeland Security.


As acknowledged experts in the technology and cybersecurity arenas, we speak regularly at industry conferences across the nation. Those presentations are far more technical than those outlined here. Our speakers know when to geek out, and when to keep the acronyms under lock and key.


Of course, we are also regularly asked to customize a presentation around a related topic for a particular association, or even a specific company, non-profit organization, or governmental agency.


Contact us today to learn more about The SLPowers Speakers Series and how we can better educate your team on all things security.

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