Actionable Business Intelligence

Avoiding the BI Money Pit

While many executives have come to recognize the potential value of improving their processes by implementing a Business Intelligence program, an alarming percentage of them have discovered that jumping into BI prematurely is both expensive and counterproductive.

SLPowers consultants work with you at the outset of a Business Intelligence initiative, so that you avoid making the same mistakes other companies have made:

  • They didn’t understand their existing business processes well enough. In many instances, the BI initiative is driven by executives far removed from the very processes they hope to improve. SLPowers will help you develop a cross-functional approach that includes input from key stakeholders throughout the organization.
  • They didn’t understand how data flows across internal users and processes, or how that data is used to execute a given piece of the business process. An understanding of the information exchange within your company—between departments and between users—is critical if you want to improve how efficiently those departments run, and how productive those employees can be. SLPowers works with you to document the flow of critical information across your entire organization so that you can pinpoint where process improvements would have the largest impact.
  • They chose to improve the wrong process. Deciding where to implement process improvements may sound obvious, but without taking a deep dive into the larger business environment, companies sometimes embark on painstaking improvements in areas with only minimal impact on revenues or costs. SLPowers BI consultants help you determine how to get the biggest bang for your buck right away.
  • They launched a BI initiative without first getting their data warehouses and data stores in shape. Bad or inconsistent data yield bad and inconsistent decisions. SLPowers will determine the functionality and integrity of your internal data sources before building a process improvement blueprint.
  • They initiated process improvements without obtaining buy-in from stakeholders in charge of closely related activities. Fixing the process in one area of the company can be meaningless if the important functions upstream and downstream continue to do business the same old way. That’s why SLPowers BI analysts involve key management from other portions of the business flow, to help identify ways of utilizing the new model to make incremental improvements in their areas and set the stage for a closely-coordinated extension of the improvement process into those areas as well.

Getting a BI program right doesn’t just happen. It requires the expertise and experience of people who have been there and done that time and again.

Contact SLPowers, and we’ll talk more about the right way to start the process of making your organization more efficient and more profitable.