Application Security Assessments

If a hacker got in, where could he go?

            What could he do?

                     How much damage could he cause?


More than 80% of successful network breaches target small and medium businesses. Every one of those companies believed they would be protected by their firewalls. 

While firewalls are a critical component in any legitimate cybersecurity strategy, none of them are 100% foolproof. Breaches can still happen. 

Then what? 

It is equally important to secure the critical applications your company relies upon to conduct business and to store proprietary and confidential information. That way, even if the hackers manage to get inside your network, they still can't crack into your most important apps. 

An SLPowers Application Security Assessment analyzes the security of your internal and public-facing applications, APIs, and mobile apps—especially those that are vital to your company’s business.

Most important, we discover and quantify security vulnerabilities in custom applications that went undiscovered during the development process.

Our Application Security Assessments evaluate your critical apps in the following ways:

  •  Review applications origins (whether purchased commercially or developed privately)
  •  Identify and evaluate hosting platforms
  •  Check configuration management
  •  Evaluate secure transmission protocols and encryption
  •  Test password policies and rules
  •  Assess session management (time-outs, cookies, etc.)
  •  Review access control settings
  •  Test for injection vulnerabilities
  •  Evaluate denial of service vulnerabilities 
  •  Check compliance with audit standards and regulatory requirements

Then we work closely with our partner company, True Digital Security, to prioritize the risks we’ve uncovered, and outline a remediation strategy that shores up your application environment. Our reports spell out in clear business terms, not technical jargon, exactly what we uncovered, and exactly how to improve it. 

And they meet all regulatory requirements.

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