Award-Winning Managed Services

Guaranteed Networks®: The End of Managed Services Amateur Hour

Are you tired of managed service providers who only manage to frustrate your users and pad your monthly invoices?

SLPowers understands.  

That’s why we offer a better way forward. Guaranteed Networks®, the award-winning and internationally recognized IT Management and Continuity Platform, was designed to deliver secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations can thrive. It was born of a simple vision: to deliver Enterprise-level IT support to businesses of any size. 


The Old IT Support Model

In the late 1990's, we realized that the traditional model for IT support was broken. When an IT company bills its clients by the hour, it's really in the support company's best interest for the client to continually require services. As a result, some clients would decline services they really needed in order to keep costs down. We knew there had to be a better way. Then one of our clients asked, "Why can't you charge me a flat monthly fee and just take care of everything?"  

Soon, our "flat rate service program" was born.

Birth of a Better IT Support Model

Over the next few years we created Guaranteed Networks®. Our approach quickly became the most imitated, although never truly duplicated, support model used by IT service providers. In 2007, SLPowers was recognized with an Industry Contribution Award from CompTIA, the Computer Technology Industry Association, for our pioneering efforts in what became known as "managed services" and our willingness to share the details of our business model with other IT solution providers.

Flexible Architecture & Operational Maturity

SLPowers understands that very few businesses are alike and, therefore, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all managed IT offerings rarely work. The flexible architecture that powers Guaranteed Networks® allows us to customize a solution to fit your company’s needs and budget, whether you are looking to outsource your entire IT department, or specific pieces of it.

During our 18 years of experience delivering managed IT services, we have evolved Guaranteed Networks® into a mature, next-generation suite of services that seamlessly manage your overall IT experience, from on-premise physical and virtual environments, to the data center, and into the cloud. 

Predictable Results, Zero Surprises

Our managed clients can be found in the following industries:

  • Healthcare 
  • Manufacturing
  • Heatlh Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Professional Services
  • Data Centers
  • Education
  • Service Providers
  • Legal / Law Firms
  • Technology Start-ups
  • Financial Services
  • Online Services / Vendors

And, because we’ve been doing it so well for so long, we’ve made Guaranteed Networks® flexible enough that we can deliver one flavor of support to your user base, and another flavor entirely to your server environment. 

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