Banking Security & Compliance

Regulations aimed at big banks create expensive burdens for community banks.


In 2010, while much of the country was still licking its wounds from the 2008 financial crisis, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. 


The new law, along with existing regulations like BSA-AML, might have been directed at the banking industry's giants, but it weighed heavily on community banks that lacked the scale to help them keep up with the ongoing demands of compliance. 


Quarterly call reports have grown increasingly complex—and increasingly costly—for small banks to assemble. As a result, many banks have begun looking to outsource management of their IT environment, and portions of their security compliance requirements, to specialists, as a way to ensure compliance while making up some of its costs.


That's where SLPowers comes in.

  • We are the oldest and largest managed service provider in South Florida, and the only one to have achieved SOC 2 certification.

  • Our partners and staff take part in regular training, which allows us to remain on top of the regulatory changes affecting our banking clients. And we communicate those changes in clear, concise business language. 

  • Our compliance audits are designed to identify issues in your current environment before they trigger expensive regulatory red flags. Our reports highlight the severity of those issues, providing a clear path forward.

  • Our compliance specialists know your world. Not only the regulations that you must comply with, but also the processes, core systems, and market pressures that define your environment.

  • Guaranteed Networks® is the most mature, well-documented, and flexible managed services platform in South Florida. By outsourcing all (or portions) of your IT support requirements, your bank can achieve improved performance while dramatically lowering costs.


Compliance without the drama.

SLPowers has more than 30 years of experience delivering secure, dependable, and well-documented computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive. Our exclusive CTM technology framework is especially effective in supporting regulated clients.


From pen tests, risk assessments, and vulnerability audits, to implementing fully compliant retention and recovery programs, SLPowers has the resources community banks need, but can rarely afford.


And we bring a second set of eyes to the table. Banking compliance experts from our partner company, True Digital Security, will join us in evaluating the current state of your environment and mapping out a remediation plan to assure safe passage through the regulatory process.


Two companies. Two teams of compliance experts. One outcome: Regulatory peace of mind.


Contact us for some straight talk about maintaining compliance without the drama.