Business Process Analysis

It’s not just what you do.

                           It’s how you do it.


Every executive realizes technology has transformed how they do business. But most admit the deployment of IT solutions has taken place in an ad hoc, project-based fashion. Despite their best intentions, most companies have never developed a far-reaching, actionable technology plan. That’s where we come in.

Never Stop Improving 

At SLPowers, we understand that things change so fast, that competition is so fierce, it’s all most companies can do just to keep up.  

As a result, when we ask executives or department managers if they are satisfied with their business processes, almost none answer with a "yes." Finding out what every department needs, and devising integrated, coordinated solutions that make each of them more productive and efficient, takes more time than most IT departments can muster. 

When it comes to improving business processes, we are most often hired by fairly organized and process-driven companies. That’s because managers at disorganized companies are too busy running from task to task—and too disorganized to even imagine how much more efficient they could be. Unable to devote the time needed to make themselves truly efficient, these companies throw ever more people at their most persistent problems, rather than leverage technology that would empower fewer workers to get more done. 

SLPowers can turn that around for you.

Our on-staff business process consultants analyze how you run your business, and make recommendations on how to leverage technology to make it run better. Regardless of your industry or level of efficiency, our team can help you to identify challenges, define and document your processes, and find opportunities for increasing operational efficiency.

SLPowers BPI projects have included:

  • Business Efficiency Reviews 
  • Dedicated or Virtual CIO Services
  • Business and IT Financial & Budget Reviews
  • Integration of Information through the Business
  • Define, Monitor, Measure & Analysis of KPIs
  • Database Normalization & Standardization
  • IT Operational Efficiency Review & Remediation
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Review & Testing
  • Customized Business Process Support & Management

For more information or to speak with a Business Improvement specialist, contact SLPowers today at (800) SLPower(s).