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Oh, yes...  We're hiring!


Why SLPowers?

SLPowers is South Florida’s premier IT infrastructure management company, specializing in Storage, Security and Virtualization; serving up on-premise, datacenter, cloud-based and hybrid solutions to clients across the US and the Caribbean.

If you’re looking for a challenging position in the fast-paced IT support arena, you’ve come to the right place. 
We are growing and always looking for seasoned IT professionals.

We like to think of our ecosystem of vendors, clients and employees as family.  Of course, just like in any family, everyone needs to do their part - and we take what we do very seriously - we’re a “no spin” zone.  So leave your politics and/or drama with your current employer, pack your IT smarts and come ready to work.  Sound good?

If you’re still interested in exploring the employment opportunities at hand, please see the currently available job openings (below) and send us your resume. Hurry - we're hiring!


Current Opportunities


We’re always looking for a seasoned IT services rainmaker. Today we're looking for one in the Greater Miami area. 

You understand what technology means to client organizations, and you can explain that connection in business terms. You know your way around storage, virtualization, disaster recovery, and IT security. You want to work for a sales organization that invests in identifying and developing qualified opportunities, rather than one that throws a phone at you and says, “Make it happen.” You want the respect and support your track record deserves. Let’s talk.


Technical Services

Got serious IT skills?  We need you (and maybe your brothers and sisters).
We're looking for a serious "Information Technology bad ass". Someone we can send into to any complicated situation involving servers and routers and they win 12 out of 10 times. Someone who comes back from Hell with ice cream and frostbite. Someone whose computer knowledge would scare Chuck Norris. We know it's a stretch, but stay with us here. :)

We need a great engineer to add to our team. Everyday we are called to serve dozens of businesses and we are growing like crazy. There are lots of folks out there that do a decent job but what we really need is one more Total IT Bad Ass to join the handful of bad asses that we already have.  Are you that guy or gal?

We're having a little fun here but I can assure you that we take our work very seriously. What we need is another tenured IT systems engineer that can just as easily collaborate or lead the charge.  You should be able to design, implement and support comprehensive and creative solutions to our client's IT challenges.

So what do we consider an Information Technology Bad Ass?

Here are a few examples:

  • Someone who knows or can figure out 110% of routers and network devices on the fly without a lot of research. Someone who understands and can develop complex networking configurations and strategies. Cisco and/or Juniper certifications are a plus.
  • Someone who can recover and rebuild a RAID on all major brands servers and/or SANs.
  • Someone who can configure, maintain or repair Windows Server, Exchange, Sharepoint and  SQL
    at the most advanced levels. Microsoft Certifications are a plus.
  • Someone who knows or can easily figure out all major backup applications. (Acronis, Veam, Storagecraft, Appasure, Symantec, Vembu, e-Vault, etc.)
  • Someone who can plan, manage, and implement complete server migrations by themselves over a weekend.



Are you one of the people we're looking for?

Well...  New Employee Test #1: Figure out how to get us your resume.