End-user Security Awareness Training


Ninety-one percent of cyber attacks occur when malware is delivered through email, links, or downloads, and an unwitting employee clicks that mouse. All too often it’s an employee who has access to your most sensitive and valuable information.  

It is critical that the human factor is addressed in any information security strategy.  Education and awareness—among executives and managers, as well as employees—is as important to the security of their information as firewalls.  Creating awareness and keeping your employees up-to-date on the latest threats is imperative in the effort to prevent major data breaches.

Although cyber attacks are inevitable, employee training can go a long way in mitigating future attacks. Employees must be educated about the risks of sharing personal information on the Internet as well as how to recognize a targeted attack and what the protocol is when such a scenario arises.  

SLPowers provides the security training your organization needs to protect your information and maintain regulatory compliance. 

  • Management training on how to create and maintain a culture of security awareness.
  • Vendor-specific in-depth training for IT personnel on a variety of state-of-the-art firewall solutions.

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