SLPowers is the oldest, the largest, and the most honored IT company in the region.

Our engineers made us that way.

Conduct a search. You won’t find many IT companies that started ten years before Windows 95. 

Like most IT shops that opened their doors during the industry’s infancy, SLPowers began by selling equipment. If a customer wanted a server or a PC, a first-generation router or hub (remember those?), we’d supply them. 

It became obvious early in the process that most of our customers had an enormous need for the technical expertise that would empower them to use those tools to make their employees more productive and more efficient. So we began developing engineers who could make a real difference in how our clients leveraged technology—in how they conducted business every day. 

That process hasn’t slowed in more than 30 years.

Combined Talents

Today, SLPowers boasts one of the largest, most experienced team of engineers in the industry.

These professionals combine extensive project management experience with the kind of deep technical expertise that bring client projects in on time and on budget, every time. 

Recent projects have taken them from metropolitan New York to eastern Texas, and many stops in between.

When we take on an IT project, we do so with true subject matter experts at the helm, in such areas as:

  • Mobility
  • Wireless
  • Network migrations

And because these subject matter experts work together every day, every SLPowers project benefits from the combined talents of certified engineers across the IT spectrum.

Our projects run the gamut of modern-day technology considerations . . .

  • Assess IT systems for security optimization.
  • Develop five-year technology business plan to assure operational efficiency.
  • Analyze business-critical systems and develop actionable BC/DR plans.
  • Customize backup and recovery solutions, in accordane with client's unique RTO & RPO.
  • Mitigate data loss through development and implementation of multi-tiered Intrusion Prevention solution.
  • Streamline eCommerce platform, from order through fulfillment and invoicing.
  • Implement a large medical center's migration to a fully virtualized platform.
  • Leverage what public clouds do well to craft a hybrid solution that enables every employee to work from anywhere in the world, whenever they want to.

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