Getting it right the first time

What you sign is what you get

The following story is all too common:

Your organization decides it is time to improve your data network. Maybe the work takes place at the network’s edge and involves routers, firewalls and switches. Perhaps your server and storage infrastructure requires beefing up. Or maybe your Windows environment cries out for an upgrade.

You perform some degree of due diligence and contract with a local systems integrator, trusting them to deliver on this high-profile project. But the engineer who shows up to run the project is one you’ve never spoken to. He or she seems less than confident that the project scope of work is complete, or that it accounts for all of the contingencies that might come up.  

Before long the project begins lagging behind the expected timeline. The engineer is spending lots of time on the phone with other vendors, trying to find a workaround for something that surprises him. 

Next thing you know, the dreaded Change Order arrives in your inbox. Your account manager explains (with as much technical jargon as possible) that something has been encountered that just couldn’t have been anticipated. Something you’ll have to pay for. 

It’s no wonder so many first-time SLPowers customers keep acting as if they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We hold our engineers accountable

At SLPowers, we trust our engineers to get it right the first time. That’s why we don’t use change orders—the project price we attach to a scope of work buys you a finished project. 

And what if our engineers fail to account for something? Well, that’s bad news for us. That means we might have to invest more resources to get the project right. It doesn’t change your price at all.

Our unique CTM framework gives us the confidence to provide only firm fixed-price quotations on all SLPowers projects. And our comprehensive peer review process uncovers the hidden pitfalls before they impact an IT project you are counting on.

That’s because at SLPowers, your statement of work is developed by the senior engineer who will run your project. (Not your account manager, and not the marketing department.) That SOW is then peer-reviewed by another senior engineer, who brings a different perspective and a fresh set of eyes to the solution. Once both professionals are in agreement that the solution meets every requirement it should, and accounts for all contingencies they can fathom, it undergoes director review by a senior SLPowers technology executive with more than 20 years of experience. Only after all parties agree with the soundness and thoroughness of the proposal does it arrive on your desk. 

Sure, it may take an extra day or two, but the payoff is this:  SLPowers projects virtually never go off the rails. 

Contact us today, and say good bye to change orders forever.