GRC Consulting Services

How Do You Manage the Unknowable?

The mandate is clear: Organizations are required to adopt comprehensive Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance policies to assure customers, suppliers, and regulators that their cyber houses are in order.

The disruptive influence of cybercrime exploits – those already experienced as well as those looming on the horizon – further complicate an already complex process. In many organizations, multiple stakeholders are responsible for portions of the solution, blurring the clear lines of accountability needed to achieve a truly successful and sustainable GRC framework.

That’s where SLPowers comes in.

Our holistic approach to GRC involves a dedicated team of experienced professionals. 

  • A project lead who works closely with all relevant functional areas of your organization, assuring that all voices are heard and all requirements are tightly coordinated. 
  • Experts from our Business Process Division, who break down the current state of your GRC apparatus, and draft blueprints toward a more effective platform.
  • Analysts from our security division, working closely with a second set of eyes from our partner company, True Digital Security, both of whom are experienced in assessing the risks inherent in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

What emerges is a step-by-step plan that delivers new security policies and procedures, an implementation model that makes the changes more readily adopted, a complete lifecycle model that enables your organization to advance through future iterations of GRC best practices, and a comprehensive matrix that connects each element of your GRC framework to its specific requirement across the full spectrum of applicable government regulations.

There’s a good reason many companies have come to view their GRC mandate as a money pit. 

There’s a better way.

Contact us, and we’ll show you how it works.