Guaranteed Networks® Central Management – Remote Support Only

(Psst . . .   Remote IT support is usually all you need.)


Here’s a fact traditional IT companies probably wish we’d keep to ourselves:  Roughly 95% of IT support needs can be accommodated remotely.

That’s right. Between SLPowers’ Global Support Desk, our Network Operations Center, and the hundreds of thousands we’ve invested in diagnostic and monitoring technologies, we are able to deliver an Enterprise-class user experience without having to step through your doors.

Guaranteed Networks® Central Management provides everything your employees want from a technology support company, and everything your server environment needs, 100% remotely.

  • Server Management 
  • Desktop Management
  • VMware, Hyper-V & Citrix Support
  • Virtual Desktop Management
  • Real Time Network Monitoring
  • Global Support Desk (Helpdesk) Services
  • Firewall VPN Management
  • Content Filtering Services
  • Network Access Controls
  • Intrusion Detection Services 
  • Intrusion Containment & Remediation
  • 3rd Party Vendor Management

Our helpdesk is staffed by full-time SLPowers employees who know how to speak with patience and respect to even the most unsophisticated end users. What’s more, we don’t hire Level One technicians, so no one on our support desk will ever be caught reading from a script or asking you to restart your PC for the 13th time. Rather, they are knowledgeable and experienced, and backed up by the largest support team in the region.

Predictable Results, Fixed Costs, Zero Surprises

In addition to our Global Support Desk, your network will be managed by a senior engineer who will get to know its quirks and nuances, as well as your key employees. That way your environment can be governed to run the way you want it to run, with predictable expense and no surprises.

Each Guaranteed Networks® Central Management client receives a detailed report every month, with an executive summary written by their senior engineer. And they meet quarterly with a team of SLPowers technical leaders, the better to stay on top of industry trends and plan for the future with insight and purpose. 

And what happens on those rare occasions when expert hands have to actually touch your machines? Guaranteed Networks® Central Management clients handle this by prepurchasing a simple block of engineering time. 

If it sounds simple, that’s because we’ve been doing this since the 1990s. 

Contact us today, and we’ll show you how to put Guaranteed Networks® Central Management at the center of your IT support strategy.