Guaranteed Networks® on Demand:

The Convenience of Cloud,

But with Hands-On Management

As an early adopter of cloud services, SLPowers built its own private virtual data center solution called Guaranteed Networks® on Demand, or GNoD.


It empowered our clients to take advantage of the convenience, manageability, and cost savings they had hoped to attain from the cloud, while marrying those benefits to the white-glove user-level SLPowers support they had come to rely upon.


Some of our cloud customers went all-in. They may still own monitors and keyboards, but beyond that their entire computing experience—from an end user checking the weather forecast to the most complex proprietary database application—gets streamed to them from our GNoD data center. Imagine:  No more hardware replacement costs. No more over-heated server rooms. No more hassles related to version upgrades or patches. And every night their entire IT environment is cleaned up and ready to go in advance of the next business day.


Other clients opted to cherry-pick how they leveraged our GNoD platform. Some chose to keep a few highly-graphical applications local, to avoid the cost of adding bandwidth. Others relied on us for hosting and server-side support, but continued to deliver client support with their own IT departments. 


The flexibility of GNoD makes every such combination a possibility.


And the reliability of our platform is truly Enterprise class. In fact, a 2014 study showed that GNoD had .99916% the reliability found within the Amazon Web Services platform over an entire year. And our uptime statistics have only improved since then. 


Dependability. Flexibility. And a 30-year track record providing fast, attentive, and patient end-user support. 


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