HIPAA – HITECH Compliance

Exceeding HIPAA and HITECH Requirements

Securing e-PHI . . .  Vetting Business Associates . . .  Complying with HITECH . . .

We sympathize with practitioners who lament that time spent on the IT demands of their practices eats directly into time devoted to patient care (and patient volume).

But HIPAA and HITECH are not going away. What’s needed is a partner who can help navigate the regulatory thicket and deliver genuine information security, but with predictable costs, minimal time demands, and no drama.

What’s needed is SLPowers.

The Security Rule is flexible. So are we.

HIPAA’s Security Rule stresses that covered entities must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all e-PHI they touch, and identify and protect against any “reasonably anticipated threats” that threaten such information.

On the surface, the words are alarming. Would it have been “reasonable” to have anticipated the recent epidemic of ransomware attacks? But the law acknowledges that what is reasonable for a national insurance carrier or a multi-state medical center is manifestly not reasonable for a modest-sized medical group. 

What’s needed is an affordable IT security solution that assures regulatory compliance, delivers full documentation, and doesn’t slow the pace of a busy day-to-day medical practice. A solution that integrates with the full range of EHR and practice management options in use today. A proven solution that goes beyond mere compliance to genuinely make your patient and employee information more secure.

What’s needed is SLPowers.

HITECH raised the stakes. We’ve got you covered.

In 2009, Congress sought to add teeth to HIPAA and passed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, or HITECH, for short. (We wonder how many labor hours were devoted to finding a title to fit the acronym.)

Penalties for willful neglect were increased and widely publicized. “Meaningful use” standards were broadened. Breach notification requirements were imposed. 

Small practitioners suddenly found themselves wading through oceans of new contract language developed by each of their Business Associates. We have yet to meet a physician who went through medical school, residency, and board certification because they hoped to someday parse the lines of joint accountability for the hacking of electronic information.

You can transfer the HIPAA – HITECH headache to us.

In today's technology-intensive healthcare practice, you need an IT partner who understands your business. SLPowers will provide your in-house IT resources with the needed support to meet your budget and strategic objectives. That way you get to focus on patient care. 

We get your world—well enough to have been named to the Healthcare 100 by CRN Magazine, as one of the nation’s top IT service providers to the medical community.

SLPowers healthcare projects have included:

  •  Improving bottom-line profitabilty by lowering the cost of managing IT 
  •  Providing vendor-neutral guidance on software deployments
  •  Creating customized software and database mapping (middleware)
  •  Developing specific steps to decrease exposure to HIPAA violations
  •  Implementing disaster recovery and business continuity plans, backed up by real-world tests
  •  Providing managed security that complies wth all HIPAA requirements
  •  Keeping mission-critical applications running smoothly and reliably
  •  Migrating healthcare practices (and large medical centers) to virtualized environments

Here’s how we do it:





Compliance is a journey, not a destination.

We understand that, and it’s our mission to make your journey a pleasant one. 

Contact SLPowers today and speak to one of our Healthcare specialists. Call us at (800) SL-Power(s).