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Software-Defined WAN Lunch & Learn - Boca Raton

May 23, 2018
12pm to 2pm 
Morton's Steakhouse
It’s easy to understand why software-defined Wide Area Networks represent one of the fastest-growing technologies in the industry.
SD-WAN makes it easy to manage multiple types of connections – MPLS, broadband, even LTE – across even a widely distributed network from a single interface.
Be our guest for lunch at Morton’s, and our partners at Comcast Business will show you how SD-WAN can become a money-saving game-changer for your organization.
Software-defined WANs have four important characteristics, each of which can impact your bottom line:
  • They must support multiple connection types. This gives you both freedom of choice and the ability to spin up fully functional remote offices in the remotest of locations.
  • They make dynamic path selection possible. This allows for load sharing across WAN connection points, a potentially huge source of savings.
  • They provide a simple interface for WAN management. By extension, it allows for near zero-touch provisioning at small branches, so that even non-techies can handle setting up remote branches.
  • They support a range of third-party services. So your existing investments in VPNs, WAN optimization controllers, firewalls, etc. continue to deliver value.
Comcast Business SD-WAN adds a control layer on top of a customer's network infrastructure, enabling them to centralize management of critical network functions, reduce the need for costly equipment, reduce provisioning times and allow for better management of traffic across a network. It also brings together application-aware routing, secure VPN capabilities, and a stateful firewall in an integrated solution that is easy to operate and maintain.
As a result, companies with multiple branch offices now have a way to make broadband smart by unleashing the power of virtualized networks.
Gartner estimates that SD-WAN adoption will increase by 300% over the next two years. 
If your company has more than one location, you won’t want to miss this Lunch & Learn event.
Space is limited, so make your reservation today.
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Registration begins at 11:30am and the event will run from 12:00pm - 2:00pm.