For more than 30 years, SLPowers has delivered secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive.

It's what we do.

But how we do it makes a big difference. Our exclusive CTM Solutions Framework was developed to help our clients advance from their current situation to a safe, stable, and predictable IT environment, with guaranteed results and zero surprises.



Predictable Performance, Zero Surprises

Why are more companies outsourcing their IT support? According to industry surveys, five reasons are most often cited:

  •  Improved Flexibility and Scalability 
  •  Broad Subject Matter Expertise
  •  More Flexible Staff Resources
  •  Measurable Cost Savings
  •  Enhanced Security

SLPowers’ award-winning IT management and continuity platform, Guaranteed Networks®, was designed to fulfill the total IT support requirements of small business, or enhance the existing IT staff of larger organizations, by off-loading the mundane "back-end" tasks that well-run IT departments know to outsource. 

We deliver these services in a number of flavors to fit your needs, your environment, and your budget. And we regularly fulfill all five of those IT outsourcing objectives.


  • Improved Flexibility and Scalabilty: Today we have 34 full-time engineers and technicians—30 of them right here in South Florida—and we make it possible to grow your IT environment as you grow your business.


  • Broad Subject Matter Expertise: Our technical resources are deep enough to enable us to develop experts in a wide range of subject areas, including storage, virtualization, cloud services (both public and private), and security. 


  • More Flexible Staff Resources: We are large enough to respond quickly when you need us, and small enough to customize a support program that fits you like a glove.


  • Measurable Cost Savings: We can demonstrate cost savings of 20% or more through the creative use of our Guaranteed Networks resources.


  • Enhanced Security: At SLPowers, we make the security of your information the centerpiece of everything we do. Our Guaranteed Networks–Secure offering delivers a multi-layered approach to protecting your most valuable assets.  


Guaranteed Networks® was Florida’s first managed IT services solution. Contact us today and find out what makes us Florida’s best managed IT services solution.