Network Assessments

How long has it been since your last network checkup?

There are many reasons for performing an IT assessment, but the most common is validation.

You recognize that the vast majority of your business exists on your IT platform. Is it safe? Is it configured properly? Is it optimized for how your employees work together? Is it flexible enough to allow your road warriors to conduct business any time they want, and from wherever they might be?

Maybe your IT manager is asking to spend an extra $1M this year, and you’d like to know how it integrates within your existing infrastructure, and whether it fits your larger strategic vision. Or maybe you're getting ready to acquire a competitor, and you need an accurate picture of the costs involved with unifying two IT platforms. 

Maybe you’d like to finally develop a three-year technology plan, and stop being reactive all the time. Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to assess the capabilities and qualifications of your IT employees.

An SLPowers network evaluation gives you the clearest picture of the current state of your network. It tells you in granular detail which components are working just fine, and which ones aren’t. Even among the problem areas, we separate those issues that demand immediate attention from those that would benefit from a more deliberate, planned, and budgeted approach. 

An SLPowers Network Evaluation is a lot more than a quick scan.

In fact, an SLPowers Network Evaluation assesses 108 different considerations across all functional areas of your IT environment, including:  

  • Interview of Key Personnel
  • Windows Infrastructure
  • Application Discovery & Documentation
  • Exchange Server Inspection
  • Server Inspection
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Backup Inspection
  • Power Infrastructure
  • Antivirus Inspection
  • Firewall Inspection (does not include pen test)
  • Printer Inspection
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Cable Infrastructure
  • Wireless Access Inspection
  • Disaster Recovery Analysis
  • Workstation Inspection

Because all clients are different, and grapple with challenges that are unique to their environment, the amount of time we spend investigating any given issue varies from one engagement to the next. 

In addition, SLPowers can tailor a specialized assessment that focuses on specific considerations. Our IT Assessment team can assist with:

  • Due Diligence.  Know what you're getting before you buy.
  • Technology Plan Review.  Validate your IT plan before you approve a budget.
  • Technology Review.  Is your company deploying the right solutions? Is it time to start leveraging public/private cloud?
  • IT Personnel Assessment.  Does your company possess the right talent? Are they working in the right areas for their talents?
  • Process Review.  Is your company following best practices?
  • Security / Compliance Assessments.  Are your systems secure and compliant with all applicable regulations?
  • Financial Analysis.  Is your IT spend in line with your competitors? Are you spending too little or too much?
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.  Can your business recover from an IT failure? When will you be back in business? How can you be sure?

Your evaluation will be conducted by an experienced senior network engineer, using an array of diagnostic tools second to none. He or she will be onsite for a portion of the engagement, but will conduct several tests (and evaluate the findings) remotely. 

The results of the assessment will be presented in a comprehensive report which includes an easy to reference executive summary. And we deliver full documentation for baseline and compliance purposes. This report undergoes peer review by another senior network engineer, and is written in business English, not technical jargon. 

Most important, our findings are clearly prioritized in a handy red-light, green-light format so that you can easily separate the “need-to-have’s” from the “nice-to-have’s” for budgetary and planning purposes. 

Contact SLPowers to find out more about our network assessments.