Penetration Testing

Not all pen tests are created equal.

A penetration test simulates the actions of a cybercriminal attempting to breach an organization’s information security. 

Pen tests can be internal or external. They can focus on getting through the network perimeter or on the security of specific applications. They can rely solely on stealthy electronic tools, or they might also incorporate phishing emails to your employees, phone impersonation, even attempts to gain physical access to a server or storage environment. Testing can be strictly white box (which uses pre-disclosed information) or black box (which uses no prior knowledge of the environment). 

The more you mix and match, the more insight you gain into the security of your company’s information assets.

With so many variations and options available, it is amazing that the term gets thrown around casually. That pen tests are often seen as a commodity. 

The SLPowers approach to penetration testing sets us apart from other security companies.

First, we utilize as many of the above approaches as appropriate for your environment and budget. A good pen test does not fall into the one-size-fits-all category.

Second, we deploy a second set of eyes. Working closely with our partner company, True Digital Security, we assemble a team of analysts from both companies, effectively doubling the range of experience and expertise at your disposal. And we make sure that team incorporates the specific skills and certifications needed to exceed all regulatory requirements and audit standards.

Third, our ethical hackers don’t stop after a few cursory scans and probes. Their goal is to deliver true visibility into how well your security controls hold up under real-world conditions. 

Finally, your test results are written up in customized, detailed reports that spell out in clear English—not technical jargon—the remediation strategies needed to fortify your network's weak spots and strengthen security throughout. 

Still think of pen testing as a necessary evil?

Find out how much value SLPowers brings to the process. 

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