Risk Assessment & Risk Management

How can companies improve information security if they don’t understand the risks?

According to CNN, more than 800,000 pieces of malware are introduced into the world every day. That represents a 136% increase from the previous year. And 70% of successful breaches exploit known vulnerabilities that already have available patches.

Clearly the need for a comprehensive risk management program is more acute than ever before. But it’s hard to mitigate risks if you don’t fully understand them.


Challenges in making risk management work in your environment

  • Being reactive to IT security threats is more costly and less effective than establishing a strategic security management program.
  • Implementing security efficiently is difficult without the right expertise. Establish too many cyber checkpoints, and business grinds to a halt. Even more worrisome, poorly configured solutions can result in a false sense of security.
  • As risks evolve, so must an organization’s integrated defenses. But knowing when and how to adjust can be costly without the guidance of specialists who handle nothing but the cyber threat landscape.


There’s good news. SLPowers has a proven way forward.

An SLPowers Information Security Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis empowers you to define your risks clearly, and then develop an approach to restructuring your security program, with policies and procedures that address those risks head on. 

  • Your team will be headed by a specialist who handles nothing but information security.
  • He or she will be joined by an analyst from our partner company, True Digital Security, thus leveraging the experience and expertise of two award-winning industry leaders.
  • All work is fully auditable, and adheres 100% to industry best practices. 
  • Your risk assessment and gap analysis can become the foundation for a companywide IT Governance, Risk and Compliance security program.

Contact us today, and take the guesswork out of information security.