What you "know" is a hacker's greatest asset.

How organizations think about security is one of the largest obstacles to defending against cybercriminals. 

It’s often a painful lesson, but compliance doesn’t equal security. 

We have several clients that first came to us in the aftermath of a breach, despite full compliance with PCI, HIPAA, or another mandated standard for information security. Doing just enough to keep the regulators happy doesn’t assure safe passage through cyberspace. 

Thinking security is an event that starts and stops at predetermined dates is a sure way to leave yourself vulnerable to hackers who know better.

In spite of what the consultants tell you, security doesn’t derive from a regulation or a test.


Here’s the truth about data security.

True security is all about your approach. It’s a mindset that informs how you do everything in your business environment. Thinking of security as something your consultant handles won’t ever make you safer. 

Partnering with a security-minded technology company is the most important investment your organization can make.

Think about it. Does it make sense to think about security as a separate undertaking, entrusted to an overworked IT department, or a consultant who shows up every few months? 

At SLPowers, we know true security comes from how your business operates every day. It starts with your controls and policies, the processes and methodologies that govern how you do everything you do. And it extends to how your end users behave at their workstations and other connected devices, whether they’re in your office or on the other side of the world.

We build that mindset into how we manage our security clients, of course. But it’s also baked into our approach to everything else—technology projects, managed IT services, data protection, and teaching your employees how to avoid turning you into another cybercrime victim.

SLPowers’ holistic approach to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance not only assures you stay on the right side of the regulators. It transforms your entire corporate environment, fostering a true security-centric approach to business. 

Not every quarter. Every day.

Contact us and find out what a security mindset really means.