Security Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments & Pen Tests  

                        (They’re not the same.)


These terms are often used interchangeably. Don’t make the same mistake.

Ironically, the confusion often stems from firms that run simple network scans and declare themselves “security specialists.” But that’s not security.

Security consists of taking a multifaceted, proactive approach to . . .

  •  assessing your organization's vulnerabilities and identifying assets at risk;
  •  testing your organization's defenses and resilience;
  •  remediating weaknesses and shoring up network defenses;
  •  managing the environment with a "security first" mindset.

While the first two elements on that list—assessments and testing—are often lumped together, they are separate and distinct undertakings, each requiring a specific set of skills.

A vulnerability assessment is an in-depth evaluation of your entire information security posture. A good assessment considers your edge security solution, your firewall rules and settings, your Windows hierarchy, the integrity of your Group Policy setup, your email security, your approach to anti-virus and anti-malware—indeed, the full gamut of your organization’s security landscape.

A penetration test pits experienced and well-equipped ethical hackers against those systems and defenses. Depending on the scope of the engagement, this cyberattack may be internal or external. It might utilize social engineering to fool your employees into giving out sensitive information, or it might include attempts to gain physical access to key servers or systems. 

SLPowers security analysts perform vulnerability assessments on organizations ranging in size from a dozen users to thousands of users. Our ethical hackers love taking aim at even the most fortified client networks. The intelligence gleaned from both undertakings provides the blueprint for attaining true network security. 

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