Security Deployments & Remediation

Security Is As Security Does

Take it from us:  How you "do" security makes all the difference.

You can take a holistic approach. Develop sound policies and processes, and a reasonable means of monitoring and enforcing them. Deploy best-in-class security technologies. Contract with skilled outsiders to test your defenses and validate your approach. Remediate weak spots. Test again.

Or you can approach the security of your people and proprietary information as an expensive nuisance. Spend more time (and money!) than necessary reacting to the inevitable data breaches. Endure long stretches of downtime. Act as if nothing can be done, and no better outcomes are possible. 

SLPowers has been in the information technology business for more than 30 years and we’ve learned that security consists of what you do every day.

We can help you develop those policies and procedures with best practices we’ve proven in hundreds of client networks. And we can deploy industry-leading technologies that make it harder for intruders to hack your network, and harder for insiders with bad intentions to export information that shouldn’t leave your network. 

We’re experts at filling the gaps in your information security system. That includes remediating any shortcomings uncovered during an audit or assessment, and preparing you for safe passage through the next compliance audit. 

Security Deployments

When it comes to deploying security, SLPowers can assist at every level, including:

  • Security Vendor Evaluation 
  • Security Strategy Development
  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Policy Enforcement
  • Hardware / Software Procurement
  • Deployment of Hardware / Software
  • Configuration of Security Appliances
  • Establishing Management Systems
  • Periodic Vulnerability Scans
  • Compliance Assessment & Reporting

Security Remediation 

Remediation simply means to apply a remedy. Security remediation, therefore, comes in many flavors. Whether you are fixing what needs to be fixed before an audit, rectifying the most critical findings from a vulnerability assessment, or taking action due to a security breach, SLPowers can help.  

We are experts at working with your management team, your IT department, and your auditors to make sure your systems are in full compliance and truly secure. (Because security and compliance are not the same thing.)

Security remediation services by SLPowers include:

  •  Incident response and containment
  •  Execution of audit recommendations
  •  Detection and restriction of non-compliant devices
  •  Working with auditors to ensure compliance
  •  Evaluation of security vendors
  •  Integration of new security solutions

For more information on any of our IT Security offerings, contact your SLPowers sales representative at (800) SLPower(s).