Real security is about what you do, not what you buy.

When most executives think of information security, they focus on services like  risk assessmentspenetration tests, and compliance audits. A smaller percentage also understand the need to develop an incident response plan. And some are becoming more proactive about strengthening the weakest link in their security chain—their own employees. SLPowers can help with every one of those initiatives. You can find out more about our approach by clicking on the Security link at the top of this page.

As vital as those services are, it would be a mistake to ignore what might be called “every-day security”—the kind that derives from boots-on-the-ground engineering.

Every SLPowers security consultant is a fully certified engineer.  Like Matt, they have years of real-world experience. And, like Matt, security is all they do.

Security Deployments 

When it comes to deploying security, SLPowers can assist at every level, including:

  • Deployment of security hardware and software 
  • Configuration of security appliances
  • Security vendor evaluation
  • Security strategy development
  • Security policy development
  • Security policy enforcement
  • Procurement of security hardware and software
  • Establishing management systems

Our security engineers work closely with our entire team of subject matter experts to make sure your new solution integrates seamlessly into your larger technology environment.

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