Security Training & Education

Give your security solution a fighting chance.

Security policies and technologies are highly ineffective without training those affected by their implementations. 

When employees are not properly trained—and this includes executives and managers—that is the equivalent of handing a first-time driver the keys and expecting them to understand everything from stoplights to making lane changes in heavy traffic. 

It's really unfair.

In conjunction with our education partners, SLPowers offers a number of employee training events, as well as full security courses, to help your users understand your company's security posture, steer clear of compliance violations, and identify and avoid common phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering attacks.  

SLPowers also offers vendor specific security training classes, such as WatchGuard's Firewall Basics and Advanced Firewall Training courses.

Employee Security Training

The key to effective security and policy enforcement is employee training. Unless your staff understands the importance of your security policies (and why they are in place), and all relevant compliance requirements (and how violations will affect them and the company’s work environment), most workers simply view security and compliance as a nuisance.

Experience has shown consistently that most non-compliance fines can be attributed to a lack of employee training.


Social Engineering Awareness

Although malicious software and other hacker's tactics can be combatted with technology, an overwhelming majority of targeted attacks are carried out with only minimal and rudimentary reliance on technology. 

Social engineering, in the context of IT security, is defined as psychologically manipulating of someone (or multiple people) in performing some action(s) and/or disclosing some private or confidential information. 

Through knowledge of social engineering tactics, users can have a heightened awareness of both simple and elaborate schemes, including spear phishing attacks, phone pretexting, and scareware, significantly increasing your ability to protect against such predatory practices.

Vendor Specific Firewall Training

For over a decade, SLPowers has been providing WatchGuard® based security solutions to businesses throughout North America. We are one of only six WatchGuard Platinum Partners in the United States. We are also a WatchGuard Expert Partner, a WatchGuard Managed Security Service Provider, and one of the nation’s largest and most experienced WatchGuard Certified Training Partners.

We offer intimate, hands-on classes with certified instructors who tailor each class to fit the needs of the students in attendance, thus addressing your real-world challenges right in the classroom. 

What’s more, successful students emerge with a test voucher for their WatchGuard certification.

We look forward to seeing you in South Florida or one of our other training locations soon. (And, yes, our warm South Florida location does offer classes during January and February.)

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