News flash:  Storage isn’t boring.

We realize it might not seem very sexy, but data storage is one of the most dynamic sectors in the entire technology industry. 

Storage prices plummeted in recent years because of innovation around flash capabilities and software-defined solutions. Predictably, the quantity of accessible data exploded across U.S. businesses of virtually every size. And once strategic thinkers and marketing types got their hands on all that data, they only wanted more. 

As a result, cloud storage services blossomed. Hybrid flash and hard-disk solutions came to the fore as companies began classifying and segregating their data. And all-flash options grew more affordable for even medium-sized businesses.

In such a diverse and rapidly evolving landscape, most IT providers chose their niche and started fighting for market share. 

To a man with only a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

At SLPowers, we recognized that specializing in only one storage solution dramatically limited the value we could bring to our customers. If all we could deliver were simple iSCSI-based SAN solutions, we’d be useless to a client who needed sophisticated virtualized storage management applications, with automated tiered storage, thin provisioning, and replication. 

So we make sure our engineering specialists remain proficient in the full range of storage options available. (We’re so intent, in fact, that one of our senior storage engineers flew from South Florida to Minnesota—in February—to recertify on one of the leading SAN technologies in the market.)

When you sit down with an SLPowers storage guru, you’ll talk about business first, and technology later. Much later. How do you use your data? What do you want to be able to accomplish with you data? What kind of technology footprint do you anticipate filling in the next two to three years?

From there we’ll deploy a set of tools—at no charge to you—that evaluate your network’s workload performance, and help guide us toward the most cost-effective storage solution for your environment.

What emerges is a fully customized solution that tailors your storage solution to your true data utilization needs.

Contact SLPowers today to learn more about putting our storage gurus to work for you.