Security: The Power of CTM

It’s not just what we do. 

                           It’s how we do it.


For more than 30 years, SLPowers has delivered secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive.

It's what we do.

But how we do it makes a big difference. As threat mitigation becomes more critical, our obsession with information security makes SLPowers’ exclusive CTM Solutions Framework the safest way forward. It’s designed to help you advance from your current situation to a secure, stable, and predictable IT environment.


Here's how CTM works...

Information security doesn’t come from a product. Your organization’s needs differ from everyone else’s. SLPowers security consultants take a holistic approach, resulting in cost-effective security solutions specific to your environment.

True IT security can’t be turned on like a light switch. It needs to integrate seamlessly within your network, keep you on the right side of regulatory requirements, and adjust with the changing threat landscape. We take the time to understand where you’re starting from, and where you want (and need) to go. Then we build a blueprint that gets you there, with predictable costs and minimal drama.


What do you need to shore up the security of your network? Something basic like a next-generation firewall? How about 24x7 real-time event correlation? Or security awareness training for your end users? Our security experts fill the gaps in your security environment.

How important are your organization’s security assets? The average data breach costs more than $3 million, from discovery to mitigation to notification to corrective action to legal support. That doesn’t even consider the damage to your reputation. SLPowers security analysts build layers of defense that make it harder for the bad guys to get in, and easier to discover and shut down those that do.


In most companies, the demands on the IT department grow faster than its budget. Keeping your applications running and your employees productive leaves little time for staying on top of the latest cyber security exploits. SLPowers analysts do nothing but IT security, all day, every day. Let us take on the criminals, and let your IT staff focus on the 1,857 other things they have to handle.

SLPowers monitors and manages security devices and systems for clients ranging in size from 20 users to more than 2,000. Sometimes this encompasses managing the most advanced capabilities of industry-leading next-generation appliances. Sometimes it means round-the-clock monitoring of all critical network services. Sometimes it includes security training of all employees, because most successful cyber attacks begin when an unsuspecting employee clicks that mouse. As one of the region’s most experienced Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), SLPowers leverages a high-availability security operations center to provide 24/7 services designed to help you maintain an acceptable security posture.


Whether you're looking to outsource your entire IT security solution, or transfer the risk and challenges of managing a part of it, SLPowers has a solution that fits. And our CTM framework guarantees you get exactly what you need. Contact us today, and let’s have a conversation about where you are, and where you need to go to protect your most important asset—your information.