Engineering: The Power of CTM

It’s not just what we do. 

                           It’s how we do it.


For more than 30 years, SLPowers has delivered secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive. 

It's what we do. 

But how we do it makes a big difference. Our exclusive CTM Solutions Framework was designed to eliminate the surprises that delay—and sometimes derail—an IT project, giving you the confidence that when you bring SLPowers in to manage an important technology project, you are essentially purchasing an outcome your company can depend on.

Here's how CTM works...


The SLPowers engineer you meet during the purchasing process is the SLPowers engineer who will manage your IT project. We don’t employ “sales engineers”—those slick professionals whose job it is to impress prospective customers. Rather, we’ve demonstrated over many years that our clients benefit from the continuity that occurs when the same engineer who takes that first meeting with you actually develops the statement of work, manages the project, and remains involved for your go-live date and beyond.

And when an SLPowers engineer develops that SOW, it undergoes a peer-review process in which another senior engineer evaluates the solution, looking for areas of potential concern and validating the completeness of the solution. 

From there your SOW is subject to Director’s Review, in which an SLPowers engineering executive—often our Vice President of Technical Services—makes sure the bits and bytes of your solution will actually work within the framework of an integrated workplace. 

Only then does your SLPowers account executive put our proposed solution in front of you, making the entire team available to answer your questions.

The process was designed to eliminate surprises, and to assure our clients that when they sign that statement of work, they are purchasing a finished project, and transferring the risk of the unknown to SLPowers.

In other words, the only change orders you ever see will be the ones that originate with you.


The SLPowers engineering team is the largest and most experienced crew in the region.

Our senior engineers all have more than ten years of industry experience. In fact, in an industry in which people tend to change companies frequently, our average engineer has been with us for more than four years. 

That continuity pays big dividends to our clients. It means we’ve been able to develop subject matter experts in such areas as Security, Storage, Virtualization, Cloud, Mobility, Wireless, and the entire Microsoft solutions stack.

So when we take on your network upgrade or migration, we tackle it with people who have been there before, and know how to anticipate the gotchas to which a less experienced engineer often falls victim.


In many respects, knowing how to manage an IT project is just as important as knowing the technology.

Our senior engineers are also seasoned project managers, who develop—and share—phases, milestones, and contingencies for every SLPowers technology project. 

And we remain involved on your project’s go-live date and beyond, assuring the integration and interoperability of critical systems is everything your employees need them to be, and eagerly transferring knowledge to your team so that you’re not dependent on us going forward.


CTM: It’s a simple approach, and it has the benefit of actually working.  Contact us today, for a detailed, no-obligation discussion of how we can help you get from here to there.