Network Management: The Power of CTM

It’s not just what we do.

                            It’s how we do it.


For more than 30 years, SLPowers has delivered secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive. 


It's what we do. 


But how we do it makes a big difference. Our exclusive CTM Solutions Framework was designed to eliminate the kinds of surprises that can undermine a long-term support relationship—surprises about what’s covered and what isn’t, as well as surprises about the size of your monthly invoice. Because IT brings enough surprises at the hands of Internet service providers and cyber criminals. The last thing you need are more of them from your managed services partner.


Here's how CTM works...


It all starts with a question.


Actually, it starts with dozens of them. Because whether you think of them as preparation, homework, or due diligence, the questions that drive the “Consult” phase of our CTM Solutions Framework are always critical.


Those questions help our managed services engineers integrate our network management technology into how your organization does business, transforming IT—often for the first time—from a cost center to a true competitive advantage. 


SLPowers understands that very few businesses are alike and, therefore, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all managed IT offerings rarely work. The flexible architecture that powers Guaranteed Networks® allows us to customize a solution to fit your company’s needs and budget, whether you are looking to outsource your entire IT department, or specific pieces of it.


So we ask. We scan. We probe. We consult. And we come away with a detailed understanding of exactly how to turn your network into a predictable and fully-governed environment.



Some IT environments can’t be governed—not in their present state, anyway.


Sometimes their infrastructures are outdated. Sometimes security holes are so gaping that all attempts to manage the environment would be serially undermined. Sometimes IT processes and policies are found to be in conflict with each other. 


In those instances, a project is often in order. A project which will transform the network into a manageable environment, one in which we feel confident that we can meet the service targets on which our Guaranteed Networks® clients have come to depend.


The Transform phase of our CTM methodology isn’t always necessary. But assuring that your network environment will support our network management best practices? 


We do that every time.



It’s like having a large IT department, at a fraction of the price.


Our Guaranteed Networks® clients benefit from a proven team approach.


  • Our Networks Operations Center team monitors your environment and responds rapidly any time our diagnostic tools indicate a system problem. 
  • Our Global Support Desk team becomes your own helpdesk, responding to your users with courtesy, professionalism, and competence. All GSD staff are full-time SLPowers employees, and we do not hire Level 1 engineers. (So no one forced to read a script or require you, for the 11th time, to restart your computer.)
  • Both teams are strategically located in different geographies. We have staffers in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte, so that we won’t miss a phone call (or a data packet) during the next hurricane.
  • In addition, Guaranteed Networks® clients are supported by a team of senior engineers who know their client networks thoroughly, and take “ownership” of their performance and predictability. 
  • Detailed monthly reports document the state of your network.
  • Quarterly business review meetings give you a chance to hold our feet to the fire, and make us a strategic asset.


The results?  Predictable costs, predictable performance, and zero surprises.



CTM: It’s a simple approach, and it has the benefit of actually working.  Contact us today, for a detailed, no-obligation discussion of how we can turn your IT environment into a strategic asset, and chase the network management surprises away.