For more than 30 years, SLPowers has delivered secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive.

It's what we do.

But how we do it makes a big difference. Our exclusive CTM Solutions Framework was developed to help our clients advance from their current situation to a safe, stable, and predictable IT environment, with guaranteed results and zero surprises.



Embracing Change

Business experts and management gurus have written hundreds of books about how (and why) companies should embrace the opportunity to change.

Nowhere is the challenge more daunting than inside the IT department. 

An IT manager worth his or her admin password knows that pushing important changes to corporate end users usually means days, if not weeks, of disruptions. A spike in helpdesk requests is the least of it. Often changing one aspect of your network environment necessitates changes in a handful of others, all of which impact other interrelated systems further downstream.

But the workplace evolution spurred by mobility and collaboration keeps forcing changes within any IT environment even hoping to keep up. 


Transformational Projects, with Zero Surprises

At SLPowers, we realize that the project you ask us to deliver will impact your larger IT environment, and quite possibly transform how your people do their jobs. So we take a holistic approach that delivers the outcome you want, on time and on budget, every time. And our exclusive CTM Framework (Consult-Transform-Manage) assures the highest degree of professionalism throughout the process.


  • Every SLPowers project proposal is developed by the engineer who will actually manage your project, so nothing is ever “lost in translation.” And you get to meet that engineer during the scope development process, so there are zero surprises down the road.


  • Every SLPowers project proposal is reviewed by another senior project engineer, as well as an SLPowers director with 20+ years of experience. So we get it right the first time, and you get zero surprises.


  • Every SLPowers project proposal carries a firm fixed price quotation that enables you to know what “finished” is going to cost. Once again, that means zero surprises.

Transformational Network Management, with Zero Surprises

Because our network management platform, Guaranteed Networks, has become the most honored program in the industry, many clients look to us to manage their IT environments. Our CTM Framework is a game changer for them as well.


  • We invest the time needed to understand your environment, and determine what needs to be changed in order to make it more reliable and predictable. 


  • We deliver the projects needed to transform your environment into one that can be made truly governed.


  • Once we’ve fixed what needs fixing, and have optimized your environment so it can be proactively managed, we unleash the region’s largest team of helpdesk and field engineers to handle your day-to-day IT requirements with efficiency.


CTM: It’s a simple approach, and it has the benefit of actually working.  Contact us today, for a detailed, no-obligation evaluation of how we can help you get from here to there.