Vulnerability Assessments

Discovering your network’s vulnerabilities is only half the challenge. 

                We’ll show you how to eliminate them.


Our security analysts wear big tool belts. 

SLPowers uses one set of tools to conduct external vulnerability scans designed to identify security flaws at the perimeter of your network, and another set to view network assets from behind the corporate firewall, using IP addresses for servers, file sharing systems, work stations, PCs, even peripherals. 

Here’s where the SLPowers difference kicks in. 

Working closely with our partner company, True Digital Security, our analysts and theirs evaluate the scan data to identify and assess your vulnerabilities, and make specific recommendations on how to eliminate them. The report assigns a prioritized risk rating to help guide you toward the vulnerabilities that need to be addressed first. 

The entire process was designed to satisfy regulatory requirements. And then some.

Two companies. Two teams of security analysts. One report. Peace of mind. 

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